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Jail Break 2016 & Monday Scores are posted

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May 13 - 15, 2016
*** SCORES ***

Texas Alline and Justa Hand welcome you to the home of the Oakwood Outlaws.  We are a SASS cowboy action shooting club founded in August 2001.  Enjoy your visit and come see us soon. 
 We are camped out here in Oakwood, Texas on Caney Creek.  Caney Creek Village is a small quiet town most of the time.  We have a blacksmith, saloon, jail, stable, bank, cowboy campsite, log cabin, gallows, and a general store.
 Every once in a while, we have problems with cattle rustlers, Indians, and gun-shoot'n drunks from the saloon.  Texas Alline and I call on our cowboy friends to come help with those rustlers.  About once a month, we end up in a shoot out.  But, nothing too serious.  The Caney Creek Social Club always survives it all and that's what counts.

Well, gotta go tend the cows, come on back and visit us again sometime.

Texas Alline & Justa Hand
 The Oakwood Outlaws
 Oakwood, Texas  USA
A SASS-Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club


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Jail Break 2016 Scores are posted.


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Visit Palestine, Texas
"Home of the Dogwood Trails"
 20min drive from the Range



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