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The Oakwood Outlaws is a SASS-affiliated cowboy action shooting club located in Oakwood, Texas.  We were founded in August 2001 by Justa Hand and TX Alline

We are dedicated to reliving the history of the American West through cowboy action shooting.  The club is designed to provide a safe and friendly environment for cowboy shooting enthusiasts.  Strict shooting rules are enforced.


What is Cowboy Shooting?:  Cowboy action shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport.  Shooters dress in 1800-period duds and compete in scenarios.  The scenarios are western-based scenes that require the shooters to role-play an old west character in a movie-type setting called a "stage".  Some of the Outlaw stages are:  a general store facade, a cowboy campsite, a log cabin, and a blacksmith shop.  The shooter is required to act out the scenario while engaging various targets with 1800-period firearms.

We usually shoot six main stages and a side match.  Practice/warm-up stages are open before and after the match.  So, bring extra ammo for the side matches and practice stages.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter or you just want to find out more, come join us at a monthly shoot.  Our Range Marshal can show you the ropes of cowboy and cowgirl shooting.  Yes ladies, we have a bunch of ladies all dressed up with the best clothes and of course guns!

The Oakwood Outlaws club is a SASS-affiliated club.  SASS stands for Single Action Shooting Society.  SASS is our governing body that makes the rules that we use for our matches.  The SASS Shooter's Handbook is a good place to start with all of the details.


Tools of the Trade:  Shooters use originals or reproductions of firearms manufactured during the 1800's.  A match requires two pistols, a rifle or carbine, and a shotgun.  Ammunition must be light-loads with lead bullets or shot.
Pistols:  The pistols must be single-action revolvers of at least .32 caliber with bullets loaded below 1,000 fps.
Rifle:  The rifle/carbine must be a pistol caliber in lever or slide action with an exposed hammer.  Open sights including tang mounted peep sights only--No scopes of any kind.  Lead only bullets loaded below 1,400 fps.
Shotgun:  The shotgun can be a side-by-side double barrel or a pump with an exposed hammer.  A double-barrel can have one or two triggers with or without an exposed hammer.  No automatic ejectors are allowed.  Shotgun ammo must be no larger than 10 gauge and no smaller than 20 gauge.  Use #4 or smaller lead only shot.


Shooting Classes & Awards The Outlaws present award ribbons to the first three finishers in the following SASS classes:

Frontier Cartridge Duelist Frontiersman
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
Senior Frontier Cartridge
(60 yrs & over)
Senior Gunfighter
(60 yrs & over)
Duelist Wrangler
(36  - 48yrs)
Senior Duelist
(60+ yrs)
Cowboy / Cowgirl
(any age)
(60 - 64 yrs)
(49 - 59 yrs)
Silver Senior
(65 - 69 yrs)
Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl
B Western  Grand Dame
(Ladies 70 - 74 yrs)
Elder Statesman
(Men 70- 74 yrs)
Lady Range Boss
(Ladies 75+ yrs)
Range Boss
(Men 75 - 79 yrs)
Little Buckaroo
Little Buckarette
(up to 10 yrs)
Diamond Cowboy
(Men 80+ yrs)
Buckaroo / Buckarette
(10 through 13 yrs)
SASS Shooter's Handbook
(rules for the SASS classes)
Young Gun (14 through 16 yrs)

Each class is also available as a ladies category except as noted.

A special award ribbon is presented to shooters who shoot a "Clean Match"--that is no misses! 

We also give the "Justa Hand" ribbon to the shooter who finishes the match in the middle of the pack.  This shooter may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer; however, this shooter is "Justa good Hand" to have around.

The Oakwood Outlaws also shoot the "Greenhorn" class which is available to new cowboy shooters.  Shooters may participate in this class for their first 5 cowboy shoots.  This gives our new shooters an opportunity to decide which SASS class they would like to shoot.  The class you select will determine which guns you will need to purchase.  Some classes also have costume requirements, such as the B-Western class.  Come on out to a monthly match and we can help you decide.

The Outlaws have a special class available for our fastest Outlaw shooters called the "Most Wanted" class.  Men and women may voluntarily participate in this class to compete against our fastest shooters.  Award ribbons are presented to the top three finishers.


CAMPING: We have primitive camp sites available. Camper trailers are welcome; however, we do not have hook-ups yet.    Some trailer sites now have access to electricity for a modest fee.  Reservations are required for the electrical hookups.  Contact TX Alline at 903/545-2252.  We have extra wide gates and a wide road to accommodate your trailer.  There is no charge to park a tent or trailer.  Hotels are available in our area.  Most hotels are within 15 - 30 minutes of the range. 


FOOD: On Saturday night, we have a cowboy cookout.  Restaurants are available locally in Oakwood and about 15min from the Club in Buffalo or Palestine, Texas.


Famous Outlaws:  On June 15, 2002, the Houston Chronicle sent a reporter (Jeannie Kever) and photographer (Steve Campbell) to our Outlaw shoot to write a story about our cowboy club.  The story was available in the July 5, 2002 edition of the Houston Chronicle in the Lifestyle & Features section.  If you missed purchasing your July 5th copy of the Houston Chronicle, click here for the story.

Vendors are Welcome at our Shoots!!
Call TX Alline at 903/545-2252 to make arrangements.

Membership Information
Individual and family memberships are available.  Membership privileges include reduced rates for the shoots,  club monthly newsletter with score sheets, and club calendar.  Membership is not required to participate in our monthly shoots.

If you would like to join our club, call 903/545-2252 or email TxAlline@yahoo.comClub memberships are also available on this web site and at our monthly shoots.

Monthly Shoot Outs
Our club shoots on the second Saturday and consecutive Sunday of each month.  We usually shoot six main stages and two or three side matches.  Practice/warm-up stages are open before and after the match.  So, bring extra ammo for the side matches and practice stages.
Check out our Events page for our latest match schedule including any last minute schedule changes.

The Outlaws also have a weekday shoot which is held the Monday following the regular monthly match.  Check out our Events page for the dates.

Spectators are very welcome at our shoots.  Protective eye wear and ear protection are mandatory for all shooters and spectators inside the range during the shoot.  Strict rules are enforced to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time.

Check out the EVENTS page for detailed information about the upcoming shoot out and other Outlaw events.  Strict shooting rules are enforced.

Match Fees (effective 3/1/2009):

       Per Day          $12
       Per Day          $17

Little Buckaroo & Buckaroo Shoot FREE

So, come on out y’all and join us for some fun cowboy action shooting.

The Oakwood Outlaws

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