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Jail Break '10
The Oakwood Outlaws Annual Match

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Thank-you for attending Jail Break '10!




April 9th, 10th, & 11th

Thank-you shooters, sponsors,
volunteers and vendors.


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Jail Break '10 Sponsors

Sponsors are a VERY important part of an annual match. 

Thank-you for your support of our little 'ole shooting club!




Sponsorships Available
Contact TX Alline at 903-545-2252


J M Leather
John Ross Aka "Johnny Morris"
Alvin, Texas USA

Manassas Jack


Rugged Gear
Norm Kaufman


Texas Jack Daniels &
Shot Glass


Thank-you Sponsors!

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Jail Break '10 Vendors


Thank-you vendors for supporting JB '10






Gunslinger, Inc.

Custom Cowboy Action Work for your Guns
Contact Bob Sanders, President
"Gunslinger", SASS #10706
Phone:  972/617-6511


J M Leather
John Ross Aka "Johnny Morris"
Alvin, Texas USA


Master Craft Bullets
"When Size Matters"

Stormy Reinz, SASS# 41707

Mule head Guns
(254) 290-4717

Your Cowboy Mercantile

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2010 Committee Chairs
Thank-you volunteers - we can't do this without you!
Please email BlueBonnet Belle if I missed your committee-there are so many!

Jail Break Website BlueBonnet Belle
Jail Break Schedule of Events BlueBonnet Belle
Jail Break Sign-In TX Alline & BlueBonnet Belle
Shooter Registration TX Alline & BJ Salty
Vendor Setup TX Alline & Ms. Laurie Darlin'
Kitchen Workers Justa Hand
RV Parking TX Alline & TX Travis
Shooter Parking TX Travis
Posse Marshals Gunslinger
Safety Meetings Gunslinger
Range Setup Gunslinger & Boss Spearman
Award Design & Donation Manassas Jack
Certificate Design BlueBonnet Belle & TX Alline
Posse & Action Photos Major Photography
Scenarios Gunslinger & Boss Spearman
Scoring Moose & BJ Salty
Opening & Closing Ceremonies BlueBonnet Belle
Long Range Dogie Jones
Wild Bunch Stormy Reinz
Night Shoot Johnny Morris
Side Matches Gunslinger & Boss Spearman
EMS Long Rider
Cook Fire Setup Forest Shadow
Shooting Costume Contest TX Alline
Saturday Range Dinner Setup TX Alline
Award Distribution Ms. Laurie Darlin'
Expediter Lonesome Lefty
Awards Photographer Forest Shadow
Master of Ceremony BlueBonnet Belle
Registration of Gun Door Prizes Gunslinger
Cowboy Church Dogie Jones
Man-on-Man/Top Gun Shoot Gunslinger & Boss Spearman


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Match Information / Updates

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS  (updated 1/24/2010)
SHOOTING COSTUME CONTEST INFO:  Will be judged during the shoot on Saturday
We will have a NIGHT SHOOT on Friday night - see the Schedule of Events
NOTE:  Please bring a lawn chair or camp chair for Saturday night dinner  

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(The Score files are large and will take several minutes to load.)
[The Compressed Excel File versions will download faster; however, you need Excel to view them]

Jail Break 2010 Scores    (html format)      (Compressed Excel File)

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Jail Break 2010 Photos

Purchase Jail Break 2010 Award Photos from Major Photography

Jail Break 2009 Photos

Jail Break 2008 Photos

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