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Jail Break '09
The SASS Texas State Championship

 Thank-you!   Jail Break '09  

2009 SASS Texas State

Sweet P. Instigator & Texas Rick O'Shay

 Jail Break '09 Sponsors
 Jail Break '09 Vendors

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SASS Presents
  The SASS
2009 Texas State Championship

Theme:  Civil War





April 30, May 1, 2, & 3, 2009



The Oakwood Outlaws is a SASS-affiliated cowboy action shooting club located in Oakwood, Texas.  We were founded in August 2001 by Justa Hand and TX Alline

We are very proud to announce that SASS has selected our club to host the SASS 2009 Texas State Championship!!!  Yea Haw 


The Oakwood Outlaws would like to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors, vendors and shooters for making this match a success.  This will be our last year to host the SASS Texas State Championship.  A new Club will host the 2010 championship.  I will post the info on our web site as soon as I have the Club name and dates.

Just because Jail Break is over doesn't mean the shooting is over in Oakwood.  We will be back on 2nd weekend in June 2009.  Check the EVENTS page for details.   

Since the Sunday Team Shoot "North vs South" was cancelled due to unsafe shooting conditions (too much mud from rain night before), we will shoot it as a side match at a monthly shoot.  I will post details on the SASS Wire.

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Jail Break '09 Sponsors

Sponsors are a VERY important part of a Championship match. 
Thank-you for your support of our little 'ole shooting club and SASS!




Presenting Sponsors
Sponsorships Available

Team Sponsors


Stage Sponsors

Stage 1 - Bank

Donated and Built by:
Texas Jack Daniels
Dedicated to his lovely wife:  Shotglass


Stage 2 - Cowboy Campfire

In Memory of:  Yankee Z
Lorelei Longshot, Lazarus Longshot &
Manassas Jack


Stage 3 - Jail / Town Hall

Weezee Anna, Lonesome Lefty,
Laurie Darlin', Jake Cutter,
TX Armadillo, Jericho Wall, Trail Boss Martin


Stage 4 - General Store

Who Shot John,
Blackfoot Drifter, Jackalope John,
Hemlock & Navarro Ned


Stage 5 - Saloon

Johnny Morris, Manassas Jack, Joe Darter
Bear Gunz, Needmore Gunz, Pinetree
Wyandot Jim, Cherokee Jones, Coach Whip

Stage 6 - Swinging Bridge
Sponsored by: 
Straight Razor

Stage 7 - Livery
Cowboy Church for the Cowboy Way
Cowboy Church On-Line
with Dogie Jones & Prissy Pearlene

Stage 8 - Windmill

Cowboy Shooting Store

Wolf Campbell - President
Reach Forit (SASS 77246), Gunfighter


Stage 9 - Buckboard

In Honor of
Cedar Creek Bill


Stage 10 - The Down Range


Stage Sponsor


Side Match Sponsors

Cowboy Shooters Supply
Specializing in Cowboy Guns & Reloading Supplies

The Brisco Kid & Kiamichi Queen
Joe and Martha Brisco
HC63, Box 1030, Hwy. 209
Ft. Towson, OK  74735
Phone:  580-873-2663


Ear Safety, Inc.
Custom Ear Plugs
Mike & Sue Butti
Chatsworth, GA

The Westerner
Kirkpatrick Leather Company.


Merchandise Sponsors

Thank-you Sponsors!

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Jail Break '09 Vendors


Thank-you vendors for supporting JB '09




J.D. Rentz, aka Tennessee Bourbon
SASS #: 82639

Ear Safety, Inc.
Custom Ear Plugs
Mike & Sue Butti
Chatsworth, GA

Black Powder Guns, Black Powder Revolvers, Single Action Revolvers, Lever Action Rifles from EMF Company
EMF Guns

Happy Appy

EMF Company, Inc.
The Finest in Reproduction Firearms
of the Old West & Civil War
1900 E. Warner Ave., Suite 1-D
Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA

Tel:  (949) 261-6611
Fax: (949) 756-0133

The Westerner
Kirkpatrick Leather Company.

Lilly B. Haven


Miz Annie's Fine Things
Laura Liskey Cole
Petersburg, VA


Master Craft Bullets
"When Size Matters"

Stormy Reinz, SASS# 41707

Mule head Guns
(254) 290-4717

Your Cowboy Mercantile

Texas Traders
(Pre 1840 Clothing & Gear)
Bob & Patti Gass, Owners


(example of tintype photo)
Ty's Tintypes
Tin-Type Photos


White Wolf
Trading Company

Owner:  Anna Allen
Phone:  661-809-0885

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Committee Chairs
Thank-you volunteers - we can't do this without you!
Please email BlueBonnet Belle if I missed your committee-there are so many!

Jail Break Website BlueBonnet Belle
Jail Break Schedule of Events Blue Bonnet Belle
Jail Break Sign-In TX Alline & BlueBonnet Belle
Shooter Registration TX Alline & BJ Salty
Vendor Setup TX Alline & Ms. Laurie Darlin'
Kitchen Workers TX Alline
RV Parking TX Alline & J. D. Trapper
Shooter Parking TX Travis
Posse Marshals Gunslinger
Safety Meetings Gunslinger
Range Setup Gunslinger
Shooter Parking TX Travis
Posse Marshals Gunslinger
Safety Meetings Gunslinger
Range Setup Gunslinger
Posse Photos Major Photography
Shooter's Book Forest Shadow
Scoring Moose & BJ Salty
Opening & Closing Ceremonies BlueBonnet Belle
Long Range Dogie Jones
Plainsman Lazarus Longshot & Manassas Jack
Wild Bunch Stormy Reinz
Side Match Gunslinger & Boss Spearman
EMS Long Rider
Cook Fire Setup TX Armadillo
Poker Championship Colt Faro
1800's Swimsuit Competition BlueBonnet Belle
Costume Contest Lorelei Longshot
Banquet Setup TX Alline
Banquet Sign-In TX Armadillo
Banquet Stretch Ticket Sales Shotglass
Banquet Trophy Distribution Ms. Laurie Darlin'
Banquet Gun Registration Gunslinger
Banquet Expediter Lonesome Lefty
Banquet Awards Photographer Forest Shadow
Banquet MCs BlueBonnet Belle & Handlebar Bob
Cowboy Church Dogie Jones
Sunday Shoot-offs Gunslinger


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Mach Notes

NOTE:   The Sunday shoots (Man on Man, Team Shoot and Couples Shoot) were cancelled due to rain and unsafe shooting conditions. 

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(The Score files are large and will take several minutes to load.)
[The Compressed Excel File versions will download faster; however, you need Excel to view them]

Main Match    (html format)      (Compressed Excel File)
Side Matches  (html format)   (Compressed Excel File)
Plainsman, Wild Bunch & Little Buckaroo   (html format)  (Compressed Excel File)

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Jail Break 2009 Photos

Jail Break 2008 Photos

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